Hi! Welcome to Mouthy Money!

I'm going to guess why you're here...

Maybe you've been told that you have a great voice and should get into doing voice overs, or maybe you've been hanging out in the broadcasting or radio world and are looking to grow your skills, or maybe you've been in the voiceover game for a while, and just can't seem to land yourself any gigs...and you're fed up with sending audition after audition and not getting anywhere!!

We'll guess what???

I can help!

This program was designed to help you build your very own voiceover business, from top to bottom. It includes everything that a beginner needs, to teach you the ropes, and keep you on the track to success.

So many people believe that they DON'T have what it takes to be sucessful... or don't have the resources they need to have their own business...BUT let me tell you, you do!

The key to being a sucessful voice actor, lies in having the ability to communicate well and connect to your audience...and after the Mouthy money program, you'll be a pro at that!

Of course there are a few other factors involved, but we cover them all!

We'll get you completely set up, so you can confidently get out there and start building your career!

  • Be your own boss

  • Manage your own time

  • Have more time with your family

  • Do something that you'll love!

Mouthy Money is an investment in you! I guarantee you will learn a lot, and it will finally allow you to get out of that rat race once and for all.

You deserve so much more! Take a chance and prove to everyone that you can be a successful voiceover actor!

Do it TODAY!

I'm giving YOU a chance to grab this Premiere VoiceOver system - it's been a success for others and if you let it, it will do the same for you!

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From: Alexandra
Date: June 1st, 2011

Beginner Voie Actor

So - Why did you come to this site?

I was working a 9 to 5 office job that I hated! I was always told that I had a great voice, so when a friend of mine sent me this link, I was super excited!

At first I thought, "that seems like a lot of stuff for only $50?" but at the same time thought "whoo hoo, all this stuff for only $50 dollars!" Anyways I purchased the product, and I can't believe I got all of this for only $50!! haha.

I love the audio files the best. I always felt really good about myself when I fished each lesson, they have a great way of building your confidence while they teach you, which is awesome, because confidence is key in this industry! I have to say that this is the best $50 dollars I have ever spent. The extra background music files alone are worth that!

So If you're thinking about becomming a voice actor, or are looking for anyway to get you out of your crappy 9 to 5, do yourself a huge favour and get the program. You'll be so happy you did! (Hopefully you do before the price goes up, cause if I were them, I would be charging way more!

Thanks! And good luck to everyone!!!


So Whatever YOUR reason is, we've designed MouthyMoney, the Premier VoiceOver Training System with YOU in mind at every step, ensuring that you get amazing results - SUPER FAST!


Audio Learning #1
Breath Control

If you're finding that you can't finish a paragraph without taking a breath in between or you get light headed after recording for a while, you're a little weak in the breathing dept. No worries, we'll get you doing all kinds of things to get that breathing of yours ready for recording!


Audio Learning #2
Speak Clearly

We take your mouth to the gym and get it ready for a work out! Your lips, jaw,and tongue get warmed up, so all your words come out clear! It's our articulating boot camp! You'll love it!


Audio Learning #3

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis - it's a real word, any idea how to pronounce it? We show you tricks to make sure all the words on the copy is pronounced correctly the first time!


Audio Learning #4
Reading Ahead

Reading ahead allows you to see what's coming up, so you can change your energy levels and inflections. This way, the copy will sound like you're just speaking rather than reading. And that's what makes the big bucks!


Audio Learning #5
Smart Pauses

Knowing when to pause can take you from novice to expert! You'll learn how to break down scripts properly so the end result comes accross real and believable! It's amazing what a difference this can make!


Audio Learning #6
Adding Emotion

Adding emotion to copy brings the copy to life! It's the emotional connection you make with your listeners that makes all the difference! You'll learn how easy it is to change specific words up so they transcend to your audience.


Audio Learning #7
Tri-Energy Approach

When you use this amazing approach, you'll be able to literallly sell ice to eskimos! You'll be able to deliver a real and believable read each and everytime you record. This is audience connection at it's finest.


Audio Learning #8
Connect With Your Audience Fast!

Knowing who your audience is, is key if you want to be convincing. You'll learn who your audience is, which allows you to then develop that perfect character to relate to your listener. You learn to build a connection.


Audio Learning #9
Vocal Flavor

It's the personality behind the voice that makes a sucessful voice artist. We show you how to tap into your creativity and put your own spin on the copy, making it your own. It may be someone elses words, but it's your charisma that creates the connection.


Audio Learning #10

Character Development

Every time you read copy, you should be reading the copy as a character you created in relation to your audience. You'll learn how to create characters, and how to bring each character to life! He's ALIVE he's ALIVE!

Audio Learning #11

Perfect Practice

Perfect practice makes perfect right? But you need to make sure what you're practicing is the correct approach to take to get you to where you need to be. We'll get you there.

Audio Learning #12

Behind The Words

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Learning how to create and develop an imaginary script background helps you connect with possible enviromental factors, that might be necessary in your scripts. Learn how to achieve this easiy and quickly.

Audio Learning #13

Be Believable!

No matter what the copy might say, your reads need to come accross as if the words in the copy were your own thoughts. You'll learn the connection you need to have with yourself, in order to convince your listeners.

Audio Learning #14

Imagination Flare

Its time to re awaken your imagination, and get those creative juices flowing. You have to bring that voice of yours to life, and it all starts with your imagination. We're going to go on a trip to bring it back...I can't wait!

Audio Learning #15

Hard Sell Soft Sell

In your face? or a gentle persuasion? Knowing how to change the approach to copy will make you a voice over superstar! You'll be able to do several different versions of the same copy - your clients will be impressed!

Audio Learning #16

Fiverr Voice

Considering a Fiverr gig? Don't even know what Fiverr is? Get an inside scoop to the ups and downs of having a voiceover gig on fiverr, and what to watch out for!

Audio Learning #17
Referral Tricks!

Learning how to wow your clients so they not only continue to use you but also recommend you to others, is a skill that will keep your business growing and growing. You just need to make sure you follow the advice, so you don't fall into a trap.


Audio Learning #18
Killer Demos!

Having an awesome demo vs crappy one, can make or break your career. Actually if your demo sucks, you won't even have a carrer to break. Learn how to make a professional demo, on your own, that will get you actual jobs.

Audio Learning #19
Business Balancing

It's a feast and famine industry, and sometimes, the famines last a while. We give you tips to help spread out your work load to help you stay on track and keep you making money day in and day out!

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There's 33 Interactive learning guides in total - 33!!!!

All of which are EASY to absorb!

Once you're complete - you'll be dangerous in our world - you'll be educated, you'll have your first set of clients, and or you'll finally get over your plateau and break new ground - we guarantee it!

The money in the screen shot below can be YOURS within a few days! All the highlights are voice over orders that come straight from my site on autopilot or through referrals who pay through paypal before starting their gigs............

Here is a look at how gigs can add up quick in a few days. All of these took very little time!

Learn how to go from a broke joke to running your own business online quickly!.

Find out 13 powerful small tricks you can do to triple your leads and incoming work requests.

See how I take clients who spend a few bucks & turn them into big yearly spenders!

Master the art of voice-overs and add real authentic emotion to your reads every time.

Find out where to go to get REAL gigs & how to structure yourself so you look 10 x as big.

Learn by DOING not just reading or listening - we'll sharpen your skills - FAST.

Here's another example of HOW EASY this industry can
be to make good money, sometimes on autopilot!

I recorded a bunch of quick 1-2 sentence scripts and started selling them to website owners. I had NO CLUE how great the response would be - now I sell a bunch every day on various websites!!

Here's a look at just one outlet - I have TONS of these setup - and it took me.. ....oh.. .. 2 days in total to setup - maybe 3 because I redid half of them being in a better mood seeing the first few sell fast :)

Still Not Sure?
Frequently Asked Questions:

I've NEVER done a voice over before, does that matter?

A: Nope! In fact we prefer brand new talent because you haven't been conditioned in any certain way of doing things yet - you're a lot easier to train vs. having to UNtrain then REtrain someone that has already developed tons of bad habits. So you're good to go! Plus we give you actual exercises to do in a lot of the steps so you'll be learning by actually doing!

Do I need a super computer and expensive mic?

A: Nope! We're going to show you where and how to go about making your own AWESOME sound proofed portable vocal booth for next to nothing. The microphones & sound cards these days are insanely high in quality, even the USB mics. A little acoustical treatment also goes a looong way - you'll be good to go in no time & quality will be through the roof.

I'm already in the industry, I do ok - can this still help me?

A: You bet! This covers a heck of a lot of material over the 33 modules and video/ebook/workbook add-ons! You'll learn where and how to go about getting then filtering your client base, how to get MORE and BIGGER gigs for the same amount of effort you put in now. Of course we'll also help you polish up and improve those reads in MANY creative ways that you may not be incorporating yet - all giving you a better end product thus more room to charge more money.

What if I have a thick accent, or am really young or old?

A: You're actually in luck! Today's economy DEMANDS YOU! If you thought the only voices that get in are blonde and bubbly or low bassy males, you were wrong. Those with Accents and or the ability to speak more than one language, or anyone that has anything 'unique' to their voice - can actually make it farther and faster than most because the current economy is so overlapped worldwide - your demand is only going to increase over time too - perfect time to get in!

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

A: No problem! We offer a full 8 week / 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Details are below - if you're not happy with MouthyMoney after giving it an honest try for 8 weeks - I demand you let me give you ALL your money back right from my personal account. So you literally have NADDA to lose - LOTS to gain - win / win!

Incase you missed it the second time
33 Modules!!!!

And That's NOT ALL!

Not by a loooong shot - There's programs out there that will string you along and try to get you to buy a bunch of modules, add-ons, things you'll to make the system work.. .. basically breaking down their package so you spend way more money, and still don't get the 'full scope' of the biz...

... meh - been there and bought my fair share of guru advice from the VO pro's out there. I wanted to make sure you guys are HAPPY with your purchase and you have EVERYTHING you need in order to succeed as fast as possible - in ONE package - no stupid upsells or add-ons.. . . ..


Without hesitation, I'm throwing in something that is
EXTREMELY valuable in our industry - MUSIC & BEATS.

Art Of Beats Master Sound Collection!
$99 Value yours FREE today

Being in the biz for a while now, I've made some high caliber contacts and one thing that I'm ALWAYS on the look out for - is music and beats/effects to add to my audio - clients LOVE that stuff! Recently I closed a deal with an associate of mine that has OK' d distribution of his studios music through MouthyMoney!

That means that you guys are getting an INSANE amount of high quality compositions to bring your VO's to life!! Tons of genres, tempo's, backgrounds, beats, & more! (130+ audio's)

Here's a quick look at the feedback you get once trained:
My clients are HAPPY - they come back time & time again - It's not rocket science!

Important update:
You've arrived at this page JUST in time to take advantage of our special launch discount celebration offer. We've decided to discount the price by 70% for the launch, and throw in our bonuses which are valued at over $250 that you receive absolutely FREE.

However: please be warned - This is ONLY for the launch and given the buzz that MouthyMoney is creating, we expect to be finishing our promo anytime now and raising the price back up to our full retail suggested price.

So don't sleep on this! If you come back in a day or two and the price has changed, I'm afraid there won't be anything we can do - so get your launch price discount and bonus package TODAY!

Meh - Why stop there?
We're going to make this deal EVEN SWEETER!!
I'm also going to throw in...

Professional Practice Scripts! FREE

Industry level practice scripts - all aimed at different genres, niches, businesses, and projects. This will greatly immitate what your workload might be like. You'll see how clients give direction on a script, and what to do to make it POP!

Video Course - Edit Mix & Master Your Audio FREE

Learn first hand from a professional producer and audio engineer how to get the MOST out of your recordings when editing, mixing, and mastering files.

Hot Report: How To Setup For Cheap! FREE

You won't find this blueprint online - and you won't find these deals easily either - know exactly what to get - and how to setup your studio on a professional level for next to nothing! Great addition for those literally just starting & for pros.

Work & Exercise Book! FREE

Some of the basics AND some of the best kept VoiceOver secrets when it comes to getting that voice of yours to do the unimaginable.

Full Transcript! FREE

We know sometimes you just want to print out a transcript, take it to the bath or to bed, and have a good read. This is the full interactive learning modules broken down into easy to read segments. FULL VERSION.

Your 8 Week DOUBLE Risk-Free Guarantee
We Take ALL The Risk - In Fact We'll Take DOUBLE


Protection 1: If the product is simply not to your standards, and you're not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, we honor a no questions asked 8 week/60 day 100% refund, right up until the last day~!

Protection 2: Even if you refund, you're still going to get to keep the Super Bonus package we've prepared as our way of saying THANK YOU for taking part in the MouthyMoney Course.

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Picture this: It's a half a year from now (or even sooner), and you've become the great impressive voice over artist you'd always knew you were - with a heck of a lot LESS effort than you ever expected...

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Now, think back to today.

Considering the great voice over artist you're going to become in the near future - what kind of a price tag do you think this should come with? A few hundred? Thousands? More?

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33 Interactive Modules - Download on the next page- $49.95
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